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HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Filter

HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Filter

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The Hydro Logic GroGreen Filter has a customized flow restrictor allowing ideal contact time with filtration media to maximize the reduction of chlorine, sediment, rust, silt, mercury, lead and PCBs (organic chlorine)!

Why Hydro Logic Gro Green Garden Hose Filter?

  • Invigorates Organic Compost, Soil Amendments, and Bio-Teas!
  • Protects Beneficial Biologicals!
  • Easy to Use: Attaches to Your Garden Hose!
  • 11,000 Gallon Capacity (30 GPD = 365 days)!
  • Up to 2 GPM!
  • Removes Up to 99% of Chlorine and Chloramines!
  • KDF85/Granulated Catalytic Activated Carbon!
  • Eco-friendly Green Coconut Carbon Filter!
  • Made from Recycled Plastic, when Possible!
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