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Illuminati Super Green 5W Led Night Light

Illuminati Super Green 5W Led Night Light

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The Illuminati Super Green LED Light Bulb (SG Night Light) allows you to work in your grow room during the dark cycle without disturbing your plant's photoperiod. Green spectrum light is mostly reflected by plants.

The amount of green light emitted that the plant can see will not disturb the plants when used in short intervals, allowing you to go into your room and work. 

Why The Super Green LED Night Light?

  • 100% safe to use around plants during their night cycle
  • Will not easily shatter
  • Does not contain toxic vapors
  • Works with any standard 110V light fixtures
  • Durable translucent guarantees longevity


  • Place light a minimum distance of 4 Feet away from you plants
  • One Super Green will light up to 6' x 6' space
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