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Impello Tribus Original (Microbial Inoculant)

Impello Tribus Original (Microbial Inoculant)

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Tribus Original Is a combination of naturally occurring plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria that colonize the root zone of plants increasing growth by enhancing macro and micronutrient availability. A high concentration of bacteria in Tribus Original populates the area on and near plant roots, increasing plant productivity In all environments. Tribus Original is compatible with all growing media and fertilization programs.

Why Impello Tribus Original?

  • 100% natural ingredients!
  • Plant growth promoter!
  • For all growth media!
  • Highly concentrated!
  • Targeted propriety blend!
  • OMRI Listed!

Instructions For Use:

  • Shake Well! Bacillus spores settle naturally.
  • Use once per week, or as frequently as every watering during the entire plant growth cycle
  • May be used up to and on the day of harvest.
  • Use mixed nutrient solutions within 24 hours for best results.
  • For use with hydroponic, soilless, and soil-based media.
  • Can be mixed with aqueous nutrient solutions and/or applied directly to plant roots at the recommended rates.


  • Apply Tribus Original early in the plant's life cycle to encourage the rapid establishment of Bacillus colonies on and near the roots
  • Continued application of Tribus Original as a supplement to normal fertilization programs help to maintain high populations of beneficial bacteria in the root zone, promoting vigorous root plant growth from seedling and clones through harvest
  • Dosage:
    • Lite: 0.5mL/gallon
    • Recommended: 1mL/gallon
    • Heavy: 2mL/gallon


Bacillus spore liquids are stable for at least 18 months when stored in a cool, dry location in a closed container. Exposure to high humidity and temperature is not recommended.


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