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Integra Humidity Indicators

Integra Humidity Indicators

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Integra Humidity Indicators

Integra™ Boost™ humidity indicating cards are an inexpensive way to quantify relative humidity levels accurately. They are simple to use, allowing instant visual verification of product integrity. The spots turn from blue to pink to indicate humidity levels. When combined with Integra™ Boost™, you will surely leave any moisture problems behind. They measure 50% - 70% humidity. 

Humidity indicator cards are simply cards that have a dot on them that will turn a color to indicate when it’s time to replace your humidity-control pack. When the dot on the back turns bright blue, that’s your indication that the current pack has used up all of its contents and that it’s time for a fresh BOOST pack. 

Benefits + Features:

  • Accurate way to check the vitality of your pack!
  • Indicates how well your pack is!
  • Simple to use! (Place a single card in the area to read and wait for the indicator dots to turn blue)!
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