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Jack's Nutrients

Jack's Classic Houseplant Special (15-30-15)

Jack's Classic Houseplant Special (15-30-15)

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Jacks Classic Houseplant Special 15-30-15 is their traditional indoor houseplant fertilizer designed for use on all foliage and flowering plants!

Why Jacks Houseplant Special?

  • Great for long-term plants!
  • Prevents nutrient stress!
  • Free measuring spoon enclosed!
  • Easy and precise application!
  • Prevents burning!
  • Provides optimal nutrition!
  • Stronger roots and green foliage!

Great for long term plants! Used in a constant feed system, it keeps the nutrition levels constant preventing nutrient stress from over or under feeding. This product can also be used outdoors as a transplant solution and as a blossom booster for all flowering plants!j

Professional growers prefer the 1-2-1 ratio fertilizer used for over 50 years to keep indoor grown plants vigorous and green!

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