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Koppert Biological Systems

Koppert Entonem (Special Order)

Koppert Entonem (Special Order)

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Koppert Entonem AM Steinernema Feltiae (nematodes) will enter the pest larvae and release symbiotic bacteria into the body cavity, which converts the larval tissue into a food source on which nematodes feed, develop and reproduce! The host pest dies within a few hours to days upon infection - turning yellow to brown which may be difficult to find due to rapid degradation in the growing media, or, as with foliar pest, it simply falls to the ground.

Why Koppert Entonem AM?

  • Best used on the larvae of Sciarid Flies (Sciaridae), Leafminers, Shore Flies, Thrips (pupae. & larvae), Weevils (Otiorhynchus Spp.), Sycamore Lace Bugs
  • Also used on Lepidoptera (Caterpillars):
    • Tomato Leaf Miners
    • Armyworms
    • Cotton Bollworms
    • Corn earworms
    • Tomato Loopers
    • Cutworms
    • Silvery Moths
    • Oak Processionary Moths
    • Common Moths

Packaging: Box with one bag x 50 million third stage nematodes in gel.

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