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Koppert Biological Systems

Koppert Spidex Boost & Spidex Vital (Special Order)

Koppert Spidex Boost & Spidex Vital (Special Order)

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Predatory mites known as Phytoseiulus persimilis. This is best used as a curative against the two-spotted spider mite. Do not use as a preventative, as they need the two-spotted-spider mite to survive.

They work by feeding on all stages of spider mites, but has a preference for eggs. The predatory mites pierce the eggs and consume the contents. Adults will also attack adult spider mites but the smaller development staegs only feed on smaller prey stages. The larvae do not eat.

Spidex Boost:

  • Suggested Application Rate: 1 sachet per plant if the plants do not touch or 1/m2 if the plants do touch. This will depend on crop type and pest pressure.
  • Packaging: Each sachet with hook contains 100 predatory mites mixed with woodchips.

Spidex Vital 2000:

  • Suggested Application Rate: 2-50/m2, depending on pest pressure and crop cycle. 
  • Packaging: 100 mL bottle, containing 2,000 persimilis of all stages. Each bottle contains adults mixed with wood-chips.
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