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Lechuza Metal Bar + Magnetic Brackets

Lechuza Metal Bar + Magnetic Brackets

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Hang up to three CUBE 14 planters or one CUBE Tripe planter on a single bar! Combine several metal stripes in the kitchen, bathroom or living room to create a small hanging garden even in unusual places! 
LECHUZA Metal Bar 
Plenty of room for freshness! Thanks to the metal strip and practical magnetic bracket, the popular CUBE 14 (Color and Glossy) and the elongated CUBE Tripe (Color and Glossy) can be attached to walls easily.
The metal bar measures 48 x 10 cm. 

LECHUZA Magnetic Brackets

Keeps its promises! Thanks to the practical magnetic brackets and metal bar, the popular CUBE 14 and the elongated CUBE Triple can easily be attached to walls. 

Dimensions of magnetic bracket: 4 x 14 cm per piece

Intended use:

  • Use the magnetic brackets only as described in the instructions. Any other use or modification of the product is not permitted.
  • The magnetic brackets are only suitable for indoor use.
  • A magnetic bracket is compatible with a CUBE Color 14 or CUBE Glossy 14 planter. For a CUBE Color Triple or CUBE Glossy Triple, three magnetic holders are required.
  • Use only original LECHUZA parts. The LECHUZA magnetic bracket may only be used with the original LECHUZA metal bar.
  • The maximum total weight with plants and water must not exceed the following values: CUBE 14: 1.75 kg (3.85 lbs) or CUBE Triple: 5.25 kg (11.55 lbs)
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