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Lechuza OJO All In One Set

Lechuza OJO All In One Set

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OJO - your plant friend is here to help your little grower become budding gardener! 

The OJO All-In-One Set Planter introduces children to the world of plant care in a playful and original way and is the first planter to be produced with a PLAYMOBIL design. Combining the strengths of both brands, this new planter features the LECHUZA self-watering system, to support budding gardeners and existing fans. Plant care is now child’s play! 

Why OJO? 

  • Unique planters with colourful hairstyles allow children to experience the world of plants in a playful way!
  • Great gift idea for any tiny gardener! 
  • Special interactive eyes help indicate how much water is left in the resevior! Eyes turn blue to indicate the water reservoir is full! 
  • Wicking stick self-watering system allows for fresh plants to be put into this cool planter easily - avoid elaborate repotting! 
  • Simply insert the wicking stick into the bottom of the grow-pot and easily supply moisture to the roots! 

OJO, the innovative PLAYMOBIL friend for your plants, is available with six different hairstyles in the colours of ruby pink, apple green, aquamarine, ocean blue, fire red and raven black. 

The All-in-One set includes the planter, special interactive eyes and a wicking stick self-watering system! 

No repotting or PON necessary. Uses wicking stick self-watering system. Grow pot not included.

Dimensions (W x H)
21 x 15.8 cm
Water Reservoir 0.25L
Plant Volume Growpot
Planter Liner, dimensions 10-12 cm
Plant Height Max.  20 cm

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