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Lechuza Planting Plate

Lechuza Planting Plate

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for all planters with the LECHUZA stick irrigation system!* 
The practical 10.3 x 2 cm planting plate allows LECHUZA lovers to convert their existing planters with the LECHUZA stick system (OJO, YULA, CUBE Color 14/16) into a permanent planting. For example, if you would like to move a certain plant from a MINI-CUBI into a CUBE 14 with a stick irrigation system, but you no longer have the growing pot for this plant.
This is when you would use the planting plate: simply place the planting plate into your CUBE Color 14, fill as usual with plant substrate and/or soil, and insert your plant. Thanks to the practical planting plate, you can now use the classic LECHUZA irrigation system with your CUBE Color 14.

The planting plate is suitable for all planters with a stick irrigation system (CUBE Color 14/16, CUBE Color Triple, CUBE Glossy 14/16, CUBE Glossy Triple, CANTO Stone 14, YULA, and OJO).
*Please note: the plate is not suitable for the YULA plant bag!

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