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Lechuza Quadro Premium LS (21 & 28)

Lechuza Quadro Premium LS (21 & 28)

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The recessed frame handle is designed to match the colour of the planter and comes with each All-in-One Set (sizes 21 to 50). This not only looks beautiful, but it also allows you an easy way of alternating the plants in your room! 

The unique advantages of QUADRO LS:

  • Patented interchangeable plant liner
  • Recessed liner handles match the planter's color, making them not only useful but a compliment to the planter's overall design

Planter liner

  • recessed colour-coordinated frame handles (patented)
  • easy transport even for tall plantings
  • can be exchanged on the spot
  • change plants, repot them, trim the roots or rinse the leaves

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