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Liaflor Clay Pebbles (LECA)

Liaflor Clay Pebbles (LECA)

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Liaflor Hydroton Hydroculture is a pure and high-quality natural product manufactured by Liaflor. The reddish-brown ceramic and purely mineral clay granulate is manufactured in an environmentally friendly process and does not pollute the environment when disposed of.

Why Liaflor Clay Pellets (LECA)?

  • Targeted watering!
  • Clean and odourless!
  • Excellent root grip!
  • High water retention and durability!
  • Increases root aeration!
  • High-quality, natural materials!
  • No opportunity for soil-borne pests!
  • Ideal plant growth!
  • Simple and easy maintenance!
  • Convenient and efficient fertilization!

The clay is expanded whilst it is fired at 1200 °C in a rotary kiln and then screened out. This makes it a unique quality product with optimum properties and specific benefits, such as its low weight, high water retention and durability as well as its good root grip. The terracotta-coloured spheres also convey a modern ambience and Mediterranean flair.

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Perfect for propogating

I bought this product to propagate cuttings and it’s amazing!