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Lotus Nutrients

Lotus Nutrients Boost Pro Series (1-15-30)

Lotus Nutrients Boost Pro Series (1-15-30)

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Lotus Pro Series Boost is the turbo-charged secret weapon that leads to an unsurpassed size and density of flowers while maximizing oil production for increased potency and taste.

Why Boost Pro (1-15-30)?

  • The only bloom-booster to contain water soluble aminoacid portion of nitrogen (1%)
  • Leads to the unsurpassed size and density of your flowers
  • Maximizes oil production
  • Increased potency and taste
  • Full-spectrum of amino acids to provide fast and vibrant growth during critical stages of flower development
  • Perfect ratio of potash to phosphorus- ideal for hydroponic, soilless, or coco coir mediums

Please note: You may notice that the consistency of our nutrients is close to that of “kinetic sand” and maybe appear moist at first glance. Please be assured that this is completely normal, and will not affect the solubility, nor performance of your product. This consistency is due to the sheer complexity of our nutrient blends, which is 100% geared toward growing the strongest and most quality harvest possible.

Soil Feeding Chart 

DWC/Recirculating Feeding Chart

Coco/Drain to Waste Feeding Chart

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