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Lotus Nutrients

Lotus Nutrients Carboflush Pro Series (0-0-12)

Lotus Nutrients Carboflush Pro Series (0-0-12)

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Lotus Pro Series Carbo Flush is designed to remove excess nutrient buildup stored within plants and medium, and acts as a catalyst for flushing your plants in their final stage of growth, while still providing the necessary components for microbial activity. Essential in producing the purest and healthiest harvests imaginable.

Why Carbo Flush (0-0-12)?

  • Removes excess nutrients buildup stored within plants, medium, and root zone
  • Flushes your plants in their final stage of growth
  • Provides necessary components for microbial activity
  • Readily available carbohydrates to stimulate microbial growth
Please note: You may notice that the consistency of our nutrients is close to that of “kinetic sand” and may appear moist at first glance. Please be assured that this is completely normal, and will not affect the solubility, nor performance of your product. This consistency is due to the sheer complexity of our nutrient blends, which is 100% geared toward growing the strongest and most quality harvest possible.

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