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Luster Leaf

Luster Leaf Soil Testers

Luster Leaf Soil Testers

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Tests the acidity of soil quickly and easily with this soil pH tester. The gauge instantly displays from acid to alkaline the pH of the soil for quick results. Check which plants suit your soil with a reference guide for over 50 plants. Enables you to alter soil conditions. Use for fruits, flowers, shrubs, and vegetables. No batteries required for operation.

The Luster Leaf Rapitest 4 In 1 Soil Tester measures all 4 soil properties at once. Measures sunlight exposure, soil fertility, soil moisture and soil pH with this triple-probed device. Prevent scorching, overwatering, over fertilizing and ensure the soil acidity/alkalinity is ideal for whatever you have planted or are about to plant. Toggle between various gauges for instant readings. No batteries required for operation.

Why The Mini 4 In 1 Soil Tester?

  • Designed to be used only in soil
  • Helps provide a healthy growing environment
  • Measures sunlight, soil fertility, soil moisture, and soil pH
  • Three stainless steel probes
  • No batteries required
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