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MARPHYL Liquid Sea Salt (118 mL)

MARPHYL Liquid Sea Salt (118 mL)

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MARPHYL Liquid Sea Salt will let you reduce your sodium intake without compromising the taste of your food! It's 100% natural!

Their unique harvesting method helps to retain many natural trace minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and sodium among others), which are easily absorbed by the human body and provide many therapeutic benefits!

Why MARPHYL Organic Sea Salt?

  • Therapeutic benefits!
  • 100% Natural!
  • High content of nutrients and minerals!
  • Vegan, Eco-friendy, Non-GMO!
MARPHYL's Liquid Sea Salt allows you to use less salt on food because it can be spread out more easily. It is perfect for salads, stews, stir-fry dishes, as a popcorn flavour and as a table-side seasoning.

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