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Mondi Coil Hose & Sprayer (W/ Quick Disconnect) (25 Feet)

Mondi Coil Hose & Sprayer (W/ Quick Disconnect) (25 Feet)

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Mondi Coil Hose & Sprayers are seven-pattern sprayers with a self coiling hose! They can quickly disconnect connections!

Threaded Mondi Pump connector as a complete watering package!

Unique self-coiling hose that extends to 90% of its total length 24” Lightweight, extremely flexible and less fatiguing to use THE SPRAYER Turrethead sprayer quickly adjusts the spray pattern to seven different settings: soaker, cone, mist, center, flat, jet, and shower!

The rear pistol trigger adjusts the pressure Soft grip ergonomic handle for comfort and performance Suitable for small jobs around the house, garden, garage, boat, RV, camping, or wherever a lightweight hose and sprayer is needed!

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