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Multi Use Float Valve Kit

Multi Use Float Valve Kit

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Easily keep your irrigation reservoir topped off and ready for use. Just drill a 3/4" hole and install this float valve assembly. It attaches to almost any supply line and automatically keeps your reservoir full. For small systems, this is a simple way of controlling your pressure without needing a pressure regulator. You can control the pressure by just changing the reservoir height or by adjusting the float valve. The included fittings give you a choice of connecting to your water supply line with a 1/2" MPT, a 3/4" FHT, or an 8 mm barb.

The float valve system will cut off the flow of water to the tank once the water level inside has reached a certain level and then automatically replenishes the water in the 5 gallon bucket; as the plants are irrigated. This method is cost saving as it does not require complicated and pricey components such as pressure reducers and flow restrictors.

These systems let you hook up to any water supply; city water, rain barrel, pressurized reservoir system, without needing a pressure reducer, flow restrictor or even Blumats.


  • Step 1: Bore a ¾ inch hole into the reservoir
    • *Take note to not make it too close to the ridge of the bucket.
  • Step 2: Place in the threaded side on the inside of the bucket. Apply the rubber piece first and then the plastic piece on the outside of the bucket and then screw it down - right against the plastic. Before it's fastened make sure it is the right way up!
  • Step 3: Once you have it tightened, the float valve is installed.
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