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My Fungi Sterilized Substrates (Enriched Coco & Organic Grain)

My Fungi Sterilized Substrates (Enriched Coco & Organic Grain)

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Enriched Coco:

MyFungi’s enriched sterilised substrate is specially formulated for manure-loving mushrooms!

A proprietary blend of manure, coco coir, and nutrient-rich supplements provide the perfect high-yielding media for growing mushrooms! Use in combination with MyFungi's sterilised grain for optimum results. Guaranteed contaminate free.

Organic Grain:

My Fungi’s sterilized, nutrient-rich organic grain is specially prepared to maximize colonization speed!

The bag features a self-healing injection port to avoid contamination during inoculation and a 0.2-micron filter patch to promote oxygen and CO2 exchange! Once colonized, use your grain to inoculate my fungi’s sterilized substrates. Guaranteed contaminate free, mushroom culture not included!


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