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My Good Green

My Good Green Bokashi Pro-Gro & Pro-Bloom

My Good Green Bokashi Pro-Gro & Pro-Bloom

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Superfood For Your Soil!

Give your garden a healthy snack with My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro and Pro-Bloom! These 100% organic premium soil amendments are hand-made with a proprietary blend of specialty nutrients, vitamins, minerals, superfood complex, and probiotic consortium, using an acidic anaerobic fermentation process.

Why My Good Green Bokashi Pro Gro?

  • 100% organic premium soil amendment
  • Hand-made blend of speciality nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Healthier, stronger plants
  • Increased flavour, colour, and yield
  • Also provides probiotic consortium

Why My Good Green Bokashi Pro Bloom?

  • Natural fermented fertilizer! 
  • Full of beneficial microbes! 
  • Stronger plants w/ increased flavour and yields! 
  • Excellent source of minerals, amino acids, organic inputs, kelp, molasses, + more! 

Get healthier, stronger plants with increased flavor, color, and yield!

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