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NugSmasher Rosin Extraction Bags (Nylon)

NugSmasher Rosin Extraction Bags (Nylon)

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Bag Size

NugSmasher Premium Rosin Extraction Bags (Smashing Bags) are double back stitched to prevent blowouts!

How Much Material Can Be Loaded?

  • 3.5 Gram bags will take 2.5-4.5 grams 
  • 7 Gram bags will take 3.5-10 grams
  • X Bags will take 3.5 to 14 grams
  • 14 Gram bags will take 7-18 grams  

How Much Pressure? 

The extracted surface area size that determines how much material pressure should be applied to your extraction for consistent results. 
  • 3.5 Gram bags have a surface area of 1.76 in²  
  • 7 Gram bags have a surface area of 3.14 in²
  • X Bags bags have a surface area of 4 in²
  • 14 Gram  bags have a surface area of 4.9 in² 

What Micron Do You Pick?

Micron Sizes can be chosen based on the type of material and condition of the material.
  • 160 Micron for flower real fresh Sticky 68-75% humidity
  • 120 Micron for flower not real fresh starting to crumble 64-67% humidity 
  • 90 Micron for flower dry breaking apart 63% humidity or less 
  • 37 Micron for Sift, Kief, Hash and/or Isolate
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