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Nutricote Controlled Release Fertilizer 14-13-13 (Type 100)

Nutricote Controlled Release Fertilizer 14-13-13 (Type 100)

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Nutricote is a high quality, homogenous, compound fertilizer that gives precise and controlled release of the nutrients. The pliable and resilient coating, which is made of polyolefin type resin, talc and nonionic surfactants, allows the penetration of water and subsequent release of the fertilizer into the soil. The release rate is directly proportional to the amount of a special chemical release agent in the resin coating. It is also modified by temperature.

Why Nutricote?

  • High quality fertiluzer
  • Precise and controlled release of nutrients
  • Pliable and resilient coating
  • Allows the penetration of water and fertilizer into the soil

A higher release rate under higher temperatures coincides with the plant's growth rate.Nutricote 14-13-13 is available in three different release periods specified by a 'Type' number. A 'Type' or 'T' number of 100 means that at a constant soil temperature of 250C, 24 hours a day, a T-100 will release 80% of its nitrogen over a period of about 100 days.

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