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Optic Foliar

Optic Foliar WATTS

Optic Foliar WATTS

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Optic Foliar WATTS allows the plant to utilize additional energy provided to the plant through sunlight and supplemental HID lighting. Thus allowing the plant to optimize the Calvin Cycle and exponentially increase growth rates that lead to improved yields! High quality hydroponic lights and ballasts are key to growing plants successfully. Using Optic Foliar WATTS will allow for better light usage and efficiency within the plant, and dramatically increase growth rates.


  • Will not curl, damage or burn leaves
  • Works with your lights to affect increased growth and nutrient uptake from the root zone.
  • Results in bushier healthier plants, being ‘pushed’ into early development of flowers for bigger yields at harvest.
  • Spray while lights are on
  • Do no adjust pH of foliar spray
  • Long term stability when mixed
  • Can also add Optic Foliar ATTACK or natural pesticide (link) to mix for multipurpose solution
  • Can also add pesticide / fungicide
  • Can also be used on cuttings / seedlings
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