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Optimum Hydroponix

Optimum Hydroponix Humex Fossil Force 1L

Optimum Hydroponix Humex Fossil Force 1L

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Optimum Humex Fossil Force, is a liquid treasure to trigger hormonal activity and improve nutrient absorption at the root zone in hydroponic or soil grown plants

Why Optimum Humex Fossil Force?

  • Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones!
  • Optimizes nutrient uptake!
  • Increases resistance to environmental stress!
  • Environmentally safe!
  • Extremely effective soil additive!
  • For use indoors, outdoors, or watering your lawn!

Humex Fossil Force promotes high ion exchange and increases permeability of plant membranes maximizing nutrient uptake of hydroponic solutions!

NOTE: Humex Fossil Force is a concentrate and must be diluted before application.

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