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Optimum MO'KOKO Premium Coco 50L

Optimum MO'KOKO Premium Coco 50L

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MoKoko Premium Select is an eco-friendly coco substrate direct from Holland. Excellent for cultivating ornamental plants, vegetables and potted plants!

Comes ready-to-use. Use Mo’Koko as a medium for container gardens, nursery pots and planters. Ideal for automated soilless gardening systems. Mo’Koko also functions as a conditioner when combined with soil, sand, peat moss or other grow mediums. Use at a 5:1 ratio. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors!

Why Optimum MOKOKO Coco Substrate?

  • Eco-friendly coco substrate!
  • Prevents CalMag lockout!
  • Free of harmful pathogens!
  • Excellent for cultivation!
  • Ready-to-use!
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors!
  • Low EC value!
  • Excellent air to water ratio!
  • Completely recyclable and renewable!
  • Can function as a conditioner when combined with soil, sand, peat moss, or other grow mediums!

Triple-washed and buffered to prevent calcium and magnesium lockout while stabilizing pH values. Free of any harmful pathogens thanks to a unique heat-treatment sterilization process.

Manufactured to the highest Dutch standards with shredded coconut husks, a highly renewable resource. Homogeneous quality. Mo’Koko is 100% ready to use with no additional preparation required.

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