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Optimum Hydroponix

Optimum Hydroponix Mystik Grow & Bloom

Optimum Hydroponix Mystik Grow & Bloom

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Optimum Mystik Grow drives absorption limits to a maximum by boosting nutrient uptake in plants!

Why Optimum Mystik Grow?

  • Boosts nutrient absorption!
  • Cultivators hardy structures and vigorous foliage!
  • Catalyzes the transport of sugar molecules to all plant parts!

Optimum Mystik Bloom sparks the formation of flowering sites!

Mystik Bloom extends benefits through flowering with phenomenal results!

Why Optimum Mystik Bloom?

  • Stimulate  and increases growth of lateral blooms!
  • Pumps up the volume and density of blooms!
  • Elevates sugar levels and final outputs!

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