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Optimum Hydroponix

Optimum Hydroponix OptiCal-Mg 1L

Optimum Hydroponix OptiCal-Mg 1L

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Optimum Opti Cal Mg is a powerful calcium and magnesium supplement with iron!

It is formulated to make calcium and magnesium readily available to maturing plants during the critical bud, flower and fruit development phase!

Why Optimum Opti Cal Mg?

  • Optimizes your plant(s) growth!
  • Creates bigger, heavier more fragrant flowers and fruits!
  • Stimulates the production of essential oils!
  • Invigorates overall health, root systems, and plant structures!
  • Designed for use with all plant fertilizer!

So whether you want to enhance plant performance or nip a deficiency problem in the bud, OptiCal-Mg offers the right solution!

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