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Optimum Hydroponix

Optimum Hydroponix Silicate 1L (0-0-3)

Optimum Hydroponix Silicate 1L (0-0-3)

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Optimum Silicate is an easy to use liquid formulation of potassium silicate (K2Si) to provide supplemental silicon and potassium!

Why Optimum Silicate?

  • Enhances growth!
  • Supplemental silicon and potassium!
  • Increases tolerance to environmental stress!- cold, heat, drought, etc!


  • Shake well before use
  • Never add directly to a nutrient concentrate; add only to the final nutrient solution
  • Adjust pH levels to around 5.8
  • Hydroponics: 1 mL / 1L
  • Soil/Coco Media: 10 mL / 20L of H2O
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