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Optimum Hydroponix

Optimum Hydroponix Zenzyme (500 mL)

Optimum Hydroponix Zenzyme (500 mL)

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Optimum Zen Zyme is a 100% natural enzyme tonic that kindles the proliferation of microorganisms in grow media accelerating the breakdown and recycling of undesirable residue and waste!

ZenZyme vitalizes grow media and builds up plant immunities paving the road to rooted harmony!

Why Optimum Zen Zyme?

  • Stabilizes the medium!
  • Accelerates the disposal of dead root matter!
  • Promotes a healthier root zone!
  • Suitable for all soil and soilless substrates!
  • Reinforces plant defence against soil and plant pathogens!
  • Aids the breakdown of nutrients- makes them easily available to plants!
  • Has a sanitizing effect on drippers!

NOTE: ZenZyme is not a fertilizer

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