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Ortho Wasp B Gon Max Wasp Killer Aerosol

Ortho Wasp B Gon Max Wasp Killer Aerosol

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Ortho® Wasp B Gon™ MAX Wasp Killer Spray Aerosol helps take the sting out of dealing with wasp nests found in trees or attached to your home, shed, garage, or other outbuildings. This aerosol spray kills bees & wasps (including hornets and yellow jackets and hornets) in their nest – and keeps killing those that return to a treated nest.

Let's you treat out-of-reach nests, too. For best results, spray at a safe distance from the nest, and spray when pests are at rest, usually in the early morning or late evening. Spray until the nest is saturated, then wait 48 hours before removing. Not for use indoors.

Why Wasp B Gon?

  • For outdoor use to kill bees and wasps (including honest and yellow jackets) in their nests
  • Reaches nests more than 5 meters (17 feet) above the ground
  • Provides residual kill of wasp and honest that return to a treated nest
  • Spray for outdoor use only
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