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L.P. Light Systems

P.L Light Systems NXT-LP (HPS120 / 240V) (1000W)

P.L Light Systems NXT-LP (HPS120 / 240V) (1000W)

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The global market leader in commercial horticulture lighting introduces the NXT-LP (1000W - 120V/240V)

Why PL Light Systems NXT LP?

  • New ALPHA reflector!
  • Optimized to obtain 30'' between plant and lamp!
  • Horizontal mounted ballast, ideal for low and high ceiling!
  • Better distribution of light!
  • Closed circuits!
  • Solid waterproof casing!
  • 120V and 240V inputs!
  • 600-750-1000-1150 switch!
  • DE ARUNA HPS 1000W bulb!
  • Includes hooks, level, 120V and 240V plugs!
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