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Round Plant Saucers (Black)

Round Plant Saucers (Black)

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These durable, hard plastic Round Plant Saucers are a must-have when you are growing with pots!

They keep your floor cleaner by catching the run-off that comes out of the bottom of your pots when you water.

    Why Round Plant Saucers?

    • High-quality plastic!
    • Perfect way of ensuring correct watering levels!
    • Ideal for potted plants that draw up water from below!
    • Suits a greenhouse, conservatory, indoor and outdoor patio environments!
    • Protects your carpet, tile, wood and metal shelves from moisture and dirt!
    • Catches run-off!
    • Washable + reusable!
    • Many sizes guaranteed to fit your needs!

    They also act as a small reservoir for when your plants are drinking more water than ever. Just top up the saucer after you have watered your plants all the way through.

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