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Plant Revolution

Plant Success King Crab (Liquid Bacteria)

Plant Success King Crab (Liquid Bacteria)

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A key to nutrient uptake is beneficial bacteria!

The active microbes in King Crab were specifically selected to be used as a supplement to the regular feeding schedule to boost effectiveness and plant performance during the veg and bloom phases!

Why Plant Success King Crab?

  • Boosts plant performance during veg and bloom!
  • Enhances the absorption of phosphorus and micronutrients!
  • Higher yields and quality flowers!

These microbes enhance the absorption of phosphorous and micronutrients which is key to higher yields and quality flowers!

How To Use:

King Crab® can be used on seeds, cuttings, in coco and soil, or in any hydroponic system.

  • Soil or Existing Plants
    • Mix 1/2 mL per 1 gallon of water and saturate rootball with a solution. King Crab can be watered in by hand, mixed in a fertigation system or sent out through drip lines.
  • Hydroponics
    • Mix with water at 1/2 mL per 1 gallon of water. King Crab can be used with any fertilizer line.


  • It is ok to use a higher concentration than recommended. Do not exceed 5x rate.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Use weekly for best results.
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