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Plant Success Organics Granular Mycorrhizae (3-1-2) 1LB

Plant Success Organics Granular Mycorrhizae (3-1-2) 1LB

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Plant Success Organics Granular mycorrhizal granular inoculum consists of 10 carefully selected species of endomycorrhizae, ectomycorrhizae, and tricoderma fungal species!

A high-quality biostimulant package containing kelp meal, humus, vitamins and amino acids is also added to improve mycorrhizal germination and effectiveness!

Why Plant Success Organics Granular Myco?

  • Improves mycorrhizal germination and effectiveness!
  • Greatly increases nutrient and water uptake!
  • Improves yields and plant health!
  • Enhances drought protection!
  • Lessens fertilizer and water needs!
  • Lessens transplant shock!
  • Promotes improved soil structure!
  • Used for new plantings!

Working together, beneficial mycorrhizal and tricoderma fungi expand into the surrounding soil and greatly increase the root’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and improve yields and plant health.

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