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GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Chips (4.5 KG)

GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Chips (4.5 KG)

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Use GROW!T Organic Coco Coir Planting Chips to promote growth for tropical flowers and plants! It works both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for mulching and a decorative ground cover that retains water and resists fungus. 

 Why PLANT!T GROW!T Coco Coir Chips?

  • Ideal for mulching and as a ground cover!
  • Lightweight!
  • Easy to carry + store!
  • Increased water retention!
  • Resists fungus!

Although each block of chips is equivalent to more than 2 cubic feet of mulch, it is lightweight and easy to carry and store. Add the GROW!T mix into your growing system and notice the coco difference.

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