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Plants In A Box

Plants In A Box

Plants In A Box

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Plants In A Box focuses on providing innovative and affordable plant shipping and storage solutions which are meant to make your job easier, without compromising on results. We make it a rule from working only with premium materials and reliable manufacturers, in order to live up to your rigorous expectations.


Meeting Your Shipping Needs: Whether a professional florist, gardening enthusiast or hobbyist, ensuring that your delicate stems or plants are properly shipped is always a hassle. The Plants In A Box clone carrier is exactly what you need for a smooth and rewarding experience!

Includes Stem Collar: This plant cloner comes with a practical holding collar which gently supports the stem during shipping, minimizing the risk of breakage or damages by providing excellent stability and no room for waggling. 

Dedicated Root Compartment: Unlike similar products on the market, these nursery pots feature a dedicated root compartment and can fit plants up to 8 inches high, with included 2 inch room for root mediums.

Tempered Walls: Made with heavy duty materials and careful attention to details, this cloner plan pot has tempered walls which ensure that your plant always arrives safely to its destination. The planter is 100% reusable!

Fully Sealed Edges and Built-In Light: With clear see-through walls, room for writing essential plant info, a smart design with built-in LED lights plus fully sealed edges, these plant containers allow the stems and roots to properly breathe and retain moisture intact throughout the shipping process!

The Safest Solution for Ensuring Healthy Plants Throughout Transportation!

The Plants In A Box plant cloner is an excellent transportation solution for your delicate stems, keeping them protected against the usual damaging factors. Made with heavy duty materials, with sufficient dedicated space for the roots, a lightweight yet rigid design and sealed edges, this clone carrier is reusable according to your needs, secure and easy to use even by first timers!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Box size 8. 3/4 x 4. 1/4 x 2. ¼ inches;
  • Fits plants up to 8” tall including 2” roots;
  • Built-in LED lights for shipping;
  • Fully sealed edges don’t allow the moisture and smell to escape;
  • Includes collar for extra stability of the stem during transportation;
  • Reusable and user-friendly;
  • Tempered walls for superior plant protection;
  • Dedicated root compartment;
  • Clear see-through walls;
  • Ideal for gardening enthusiasts, professional florists, hobbyists.

Make sure your plants arrive intact at their destination with this premium quality shipping box planter!

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