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Nema Globe



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Organic Insect Control: for the control of fungus gnats and larvae in potted plants! Easy to apply, water smart, do not apply in full sun! Soil temperatures should be between 50°F - 85°F. 

One pouch contains approximately 1 million nematodes, packaged in a bio-pouch biodegradable bag! 

- Slowly releases nematodes into the soil for long-lasting control

- Repeat application when changing growing media

- Exclusive organic formulation

- 100% Pesticide free

Ingredients: Contains steinernema feltiae in specially formulated inert carrier

Directions: Apply the bio-pouch per 5 gallons of soil. Apply by dropping the bio-pouch directly onto your soil media and water for a minimum of 3 days to release nematodes. No mixing or pre-irrigation required! 

Storage: After opening and using, store your pack into the provided Ziploc bag to prevent your nematodes from drying out!   

*Pouchs are sold individually. If you would like to purchase a whole box of Pot Popper Pro, please email us at! 

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