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Power Si

Power Si Bloom

Power Si Bloom

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Power Si Bloom is one of the best non-nutritional amendments you can use that will improve the strength of your plants. Unlike other silicon amendments, it works quicker and well. Power Si Bloom is a specialized quality-enahcning flowering additive with bioavailable silica.

Adding PowerSi to your nutritional regimen results in noticeably thicker & stronger stems. It works as a transport agent bringing nutrients from your root zone to the rest of your plant. You'll notice improved strength and vigor as Power Si works really well to transport nutrients.

Why Power Si Bloom?

  • One of the best non-nutritional amendments!
  • Transports nutrients extremely effectively!
  • Ensures better strength, yield, and quality!
  • Increased bud sites!
  • Faster, more homogeneous ripening!
  • Increased trichome, resin, and terpene production!
  • Decreased internodal spacing!
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