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Power Si

PowerSi Control (Eco Insecticide)

PowerSi Control (Eco Insecticide)

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PowerSi Control is a eco-insecticide that only contains natural extracts.  It can be used as a foliar spray or as a soil drench.

Why PowerSi Control?

  • Broad-spectrum eco-insecticide!
  • Contains only natural extracts!
  • For use as a foliar spray or soil drench!
  • Very low concentration rate!
    • 5 mL / Gal (for prevention)
    • 10 mL / Gal (for curative spraying)
  • No surfactant required!
  • Fully compatible with sulphur products!

Power Si Control will not draw the moisture out of your plants like a lot of products currently on the market. Power Si Control is safe to apply daily and will not interfere with plant development. It can be used as often as required throughout growth.

They are always working to make sure our products can be versatile and unique. They have surfactants built into the bottle as well as castor bean oil.  Castor oil has been shown to help alleviate plant stress and promote growth.

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