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PRO-MIX HP W/ Mycorrhizae

PRO-MIX HP W/ Mycorrhizae

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PROMIX HP Mycorrhizae provides a great growing environment with significant drainage capacity, increased air porosity, and lower water retention. 

Why PRO MIX HP Mycorrhizae?

  • HPM Provides a great growing environment with great drainage, air porosity, and lower water retention
  • Dries out more frequently than other peat-based mixes
  • Makes it difficult to overwater crops
  • Reduces incidence of water-related problems (root disease, algae, and fungus gnats)
  • Well-suited for low-light growing conditions & high humidity

Best For:

  • Crop Types: Annuals, foliage plants, greenhouse vegetables, young plant propagation, vegetable transplants, hydroponics, and potted flowering plants


  • Mycorrhizae:
    • Improves fertilizer uptake; reduces fertilizer costs
    • Increases the resistance of plant to stresses; reduces maintenance costs
    • Optimizes results without changing growing practices
    • Increased root mass, flower production, plant size, yield
    • Improved water uptake and increased drought resistance
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