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PRO-MIX Premium Potting Mix

PRO-MIX Premium Potting Mix

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Ready to use, this peat based premium potting mix is ideal for potting or re-potting plants. Specially blended for a wide range of plant species, this formulation provides optimum aeration, drainage and nutrients. It also features Pro-Mix's own MYCOACTIVE technology to product vigorous growth and healthy plants.

Why PROMIX Premium Potting Mix?

  • Suitable for potting and re-potting plants in containers!
  • Stimulates vigorous growth
  • Allows you to water less often!
  • Formulated with natural coconut fiber!
  • Safely holds and controls moisture!
  • Contains a slow release fertilizer- feeds for up to 9 months!
  • Contains Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coconut fibre, perlite, limestone, slow release fertilizer and mycorrhizae
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