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PRO-MIX Premium Orchid Mix

PRO-MIX Premium Orchid Mix

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PROMIX Premium Orchid Mix is a ready-to-use mix specially formulated from select western fir bark for growing orchids and other epiphytes. It's ideal for potting and re-potting orchids and other epiphytes.

Why PRO MIX Orchid Mix?

  • Offers good drainage and aeration
  • Provides conditions that favor root growth for your orchids to thrive
  • Avoids compaction and for higher water and air availability- absorbed by the plant's roots
  • Contains horticulture grade porous charcoal with strong absorption properties
  • Charcoal supports the orchids roots and provides the ultimate growth conditions


  • Western fir bark
  • Charcoal
  • Perlite

Best For:

  • Uses: Indoor
  • Crop Types: Orchids & Epiphytes and exotic indoor plants
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