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PRO-MIX Stim-Root Rooting Powder & Liquid

PRO-MIX Stim-Root Rooting Powder & Liquid

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PROMIX Stim Root Rooting Powder is the successful hormone formula that stimulates rapid rootings of cuttings.

Why PRO MIX Stim Root?

  • Formulated to encourage the quick establishment of roots
  • For general garden use on vegetables and flowers
  • Stimulates rapid rootings of cuttings
  • Rooting medium can be either solid (soil, peat, etc.) or liquid

ProMix Stim-Root Liquid:

  • Easy-to-use liquid gel
  • Ideal for transplants and cuttings
  • Rapid root development aid
  • Fungicide protect against soil-borne diseases
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
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