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Pure Life

Gro4 Pure Life Premium Plus Organic Earthworm Castings (Granulated)

Gro4 Pure Life Premium Plus Organic Earthworm Castings (Granulated)

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Their premium organic earthworm castings work with your soil to promote plant growth and root structure. Both the 5L and 20L bags contain essential plant nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms which increase moisture retention and optimizes growth.

Why Pure Life Organic Worm Castings (Granulated)?

  • Promote plant growth and root structure
  • Provide essential nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms
  • Increases moisture retention and optimizes growth
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications!

The castings can be used both indoor or outdoor for seed germination, seedling propagation, and on existing plants. They recommend creating a mixture that consists of 80%-85% of existing soil and 15%-20% of our premium organic castings. Purelife also includes directions on how to use the castings with varying beds, baskets, and lawns on the back of the bag.

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