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Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients Roots

Remo Nutrients Roots

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Start Your Plants Off The Right Way

Remo Roots packs a big punch into a small container. With both IBA and NAA, our powerful gel ensures consistent results every time. Remo Roots’ unique formula seals your cut immediately and saturates the area with multiple rooting compounds.

Why Remo Roots?

  • Packs an a big punch!
  • Ensures consistent results every time!
  • Seals your cuts immediately!
  • Promotes root growth from clippings!
  • Fast growth in little time!
  • May reduce plant stress!
  • Can be used in any propagation method!


Immediately after taking cutting, dip tissue ½ inch into Remo’s Roots gel and place into preferred medium. To avoid contamination, do not dip cuttings directly into container.

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