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Rhizoflora Terpinator

Rhizoflora Terpinator

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Rhizoflora Terpinator

Terpinator is the original terpene enhancing fertilizer additive designed to improve terpene concentration in your plants.

Terpinator is the result of years of trials by a dedicated team of professional cultivators who wanted just a bit more from their harvests. More taste, more aroma, and a higher potency – no matter the plant. They knew that the key to getting the results they were looking for was in the terpenes – the building blocks of the essential oils found in most plants and flowers.

Directions for use:

  • TERPINATOR® can be used during the entire life cycle of the plant.
  • Vegetating phases of growth: Add 5–10 ml per gallon of water.
  • Reproduction and fruit-set stages of growth: Add 10–30 ml per gallon of water.
  • TERPINATOR® won't burn and can be used with any growing media, fertilizer, or nutrient program. TERPINATOR® has a neutral pH.
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