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Rootwise Bio-Phos (Biological Bloom Support)

Rootwise Bio-Phos (Biological Bloom Support)

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Rootwise Bio-Phos (Biological Bloom Support) is a full-spectrum soil inoculant formulated with an emphasis on microbes which mobilize phosphorus in all soils!

Simple Drench:

Initial Inoculation: Mix 2 Tsp into 5 Gal of water and apply to root-zone of each container. Follow up doses: Mix 1 Tsp into 5 Gal of water and apply to root-zone. Repeat every 2 weeks.

Large Garden and Farm Application:

  1. Apply at rate of 6gms/yd of soil mix or 1000ftof surface area.
  2. Use 110gms/10,000ftof green-house.
  3. Use 110gms/acre for row crops in native soil.
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