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Rootwise Mycrobe Complete (Biological Soil Inoculant)

Rootwise Mycrobe Complete (Biological Soil Inoculant)

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Rotowise Mycrobe Complete is a diverse inoculum of beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae that establish soil-to-root relationships that may assist in nutrient uptake, pathogen resistance, and overall plant vigor!

Why Rootwise Mycrobe Complete?

  • Establishes soil-to-root relationships!
  • Assists in nutrient uptake!
  • Increase pathogen resistance!
  • Better overall plant vigor!

Improving nutrient availability and plant health through active soil biology is achieved through balance.

Establishing the ideal symbiotic relationship between our crop’s roots and the soil relies on a diverse population of bacteria and fungi. Each unique microbial function group is responsible for specific duties that trigger a chain reaction resulting in enzymatic exchange, metabolite production, and efficient uptake of nutrients. The culmination of this process results in our crop’s ability to achieve maximum genetic potential. 

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