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Saboten Professional Trimming

Saboten Harvesting Scissors & Accessories

Saboten Harvesting Scissors & Accessories

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Professional Japanese Trimmers

Saboten Trimming Scissors are the highest quality gardening scissors available in the agriculture and horticulture industry! They're perfect for trimming, harvest, pruning, and bonsais!

Why Saboten Japanese Trimmers (PT 1-4)?

  • Incredibly light weight thin blade design perfect for delicate cutting in tight and close quarters such as trimming on cannabis,hemp plant and other herbs.
  • Bonsai style ergonomic handle with index finger placement allows stress free natural movement of hands and fingers. The most comfort handling and ideal for long hours of cutting, pruning in the field or chair.
  • Fluorine coating prevents scissors from sticking and reduces resin, sap build up and are perfect for any trimming applications.
  • High durable special heat treatment on Japanese high quality stainless steel for razor sharp finish. Can be sharpened
  • Measuring tool to cut your desired length in the order of 3·4·5·6·8·10·13cm

Saboten Slim Tip Straight Hand-Free (PT-5):

  • Free up hands, utilize a compact design to precision trim, accurately cut your crops. Also for other tasks, such as tying string.
  • The safety lock can easily be manipulated with just a flick of the thumb.
  • Ideal for long hours of cutting, pruning in the field or a chair.
  • The stainless steel blade is practically maintenance free and easy to sharpen.
  • Blade Length: 35mm (1.37")
  • Overall Length: 160mm (6.29")

Saboten Round Tip Straight Scissors (PT 6-7):

  • Special urethane absorber reduce fatigue or wrist pain.
  • Hard chrome plating resistant to rust.
  • Good for hard to reach spots.
  • Extra fin lock that unlocks easily even wearing a glove.
  • Extreme smooth polished surface prevents damage to crops.
  • PT-6 Features:
    • Blade Length: 48mm (1.88")
    • Overal Length: 190mm (7.48")
  • PT-7 Features:
    • Blade Length: 58mm (2.28")
    • Overall Length: 200mm (7.87")

Saboten Tungsten Carbide Sharpener For Scissors (PT-8):

  • Easy to carry, small and convenient in size, the sharpener easily fits in your pocket or tool bag.
  • Saboten tungsten carbide sharpener is ideal for sharpening a variety of blades.
  • Overal Length: 120mm (4.72")

Plastic Cases:

  • The Saboten Plastic Case is compatible with all Saboten Trimming Shears and many common sized shears and scissors on the market.
  • The case protects you and your clothes from damage avoiding the common issues associated with placing sharp objects in your pants pockets.
  • This plastic case also features an attached loop specifically for use with a utility belt or pants belt. Convenient for quick trimming access on the go.
  • Can stored alcohol or detergent for easy stain removal.
  • Belt-mounting

Blade Cleaner Solution:

Washing / sterilization tool for dirty blades. Alkaline electrolyzed water 100% impregnates sap, tar and alkaline-related stains. A convenient spray bottle type. Non-chemical and environmentally friendly.

Established in 1932, Saboten is a multi-generational Japanese company with a powerful family history in expert steel processing and precision Japanese blades. After Syotaro Ishida developed a strong foundation, his sons continued the tradition of Japanese excellence and in 1956, they branched out into the manufacturing of garden tools and gardening cutlery.

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