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Schultz Orchid Plant Food (15-5-5) (150 g)

Schultz Orchid Plant Food (15-5-5) (150 g)

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Schultz Orchid Liquid Plant Food (15-5-5) is a concentrated, micronutrient-rich fertilizer designed to meet the specific needs of all varieties of orchids!

Its high nitrogen content will also help your plants bloom again after a period of rest.

Why Orchid Liquid Plant Food?

  • Micronutrient-rich fertilizer!
  • Meets the needs of all orchids!
  • High nitrogen content!
    • Helps your plants bloom again after a period of rest!
  • Easy to use dropper!

Comes in a 150-g bottle with an easy-to-use dropper that makes measuring simple. Simply add 7 drops (0.53 ml) per litre of water. With Schultz® Orchid Liquid Plant Food 15-5-5, you feed your orchids every time you water. There is no need to remember when was the last time you did it!

NOTE: This product must be mixed with water


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